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  • You can distribute Geysha product lines among your friends or beauty salons and have a special distributor price for you.

  • You can serve your own clientele and enjoy special prices and permanent promotions.

  • You can incorporate the product line into the offer of your beauty salon, with special prices and permanent shipments.

Technology and innovation for your hair.

We want to give you the best experience of use and results and your well-being is our main objective and through our products.

Business Model


No enrollment Fee, No strings attached

Priority Deliver

Discount and Continuous Promotions

Volume Discounts

No irritating substances

Growing by regions and exclusivity

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    100% Satisfied Customers

    “A friend recommended the Geysha products to me and since then I have not stopped using them, and with the selling, I am doing fabulous”.

    “Geysha and their products are spectacular, I have been using them for a long time and I am really happy”.

    The products of are unique, I am very satisfied with them and with the attention of their sellers, 100% recommended”.