• The Sales unit is strategically structured with the best of all the products in the line to have a fluid sale and grant the complete treatment of our Geysha brand, where the most important thing is to spread the information on use, monitor the results, and expand your network of salespeople who will guarantee your particular success and that of your team.

  • HAIR MAKEOVER KIT GEYSHA - Directions Included

    Produces a ‚ÄúNatural Smooth‚ÄĚ result, which is maintained for up to 3 Months, freeing today's woman from the concerns of the hairstyle, and the recurring expense in Beauty¬† Salons.

    Its potent active ingredient does not injure your hair and gradually enriches it in subsequent applications.

    Nice Fragrance, harmless, and easy applying directions. Formaldehyde, cruelty, and paraben-free.

    Remember that it is very easy to apply the product "Do it Yourself".

  • Is a revitalizing and express treatment of very easy application, which delivers and renews your hair very brightly for up to 2 weeks, giving a lot of vitality, and that solidly complements your experience with our products. Direction included inside the label. A highly satisfactory result that solves your moment in a simple application.
  • GEYSHA SHAMPOO & AND CONDITIONER, SALT, PARABEN, AND SULFATE FREE. Specific for treated and dyed hair, formulation FREE of Salt, Sulfates, and Parabens; with a powerful Herbal Extract that contains the natural benefits of 7 herbs such as Sage, Birch, Tila, Rosmery, Nettle, Horsetail, and Yarrow. Its continuous use offers vitality and hair protection against the elements.

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